Review Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 MP

Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 MP20.2 A megapixel Exmor 1 inch massif 20.2MP 1 inch Exmor CMOS Image sensor CMOS sensor captures images abrupt ultra high definition that take full advantage of Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens camera. The sensor allows advanced column A/D treatment that reduces levels of noise, resulting in amazing low light images with incredible details clear and smooth, Bright F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens with 3.6 x Optical Zoom the lens F1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T of large diameter supply refined background defocus. He has also a multilayer t of high quality coating that reduces ghosts and flare caused by the reflection of light of the Modes of P/A/S/M for video and Stills enjoy a full range of controls for video and still shooting of the iAUTO to P/A/S/M: program modeopening, priority of obturator and manual. There are even on the screen of guests who you will help develop your skills, your confidence and exercise greater creative control capture RAW files, JPEG files, or RX100 both saves compact photos to JPEG files or very high quality RAW files. RAW files save images before de-tiling, white balance, sharpening, and color. This retains maximum latitude to improve the image of crystal clear movies PC Full HD 1080/60 p video Capture Record, in Full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second. This superb offer video of fast movement with less distortion for playback on your HDTV.
I ordered the he b & h announced this morning. After the day and about 500 photos, I am pleased that I bought. After a very late night the mould, I am happy. Bottom line: great photo quality. Pro. Petit Fast to focus and quickly between images Excellent lens with a decent zoom range JPEG and RAW files, excellent Good control and adjustment of the help of the front ring Well built An excellent manual control The first pocket with good manual focus camera
Sony menu is a bit confusing. Somewhat limited battery, but by category. There is no manual. Slow opening to full zoom. There is no external pulp loader.
Make no mistake, it's as well as current technology allows for a handheld device. It's the same size as my Canon S95. It has a similar design, but IMO it is classy. Sony makes good use of 8 megapixels. Low ISO file is very good and good as new – this new generation of DSLRs. large sensor makes a difference.
It is worth an additional $ 200 for S100 or LX7? It depends on. If you print your photos more than 11 x 14 answer is Yes are not eligible. The photo shows more detail and better sharpness. If you post mostly pictures online, then your profits decrease, especially if you shoot JPEG. If the advantage of having 20 MP if your photos appear on the 2 MP? Yes, Canon and Panasonic camera displays the raw file, but in practice, there is little advantage to do so. You get little if any dynamic range and all three cameras did good job with the balance of whites in general.
If you shoot RAW, RX - 100 is the first handheld device that offers real advantages to RAW. There is a notable difference in the dynamic range. With the help of Baku and there is much more room and highlight, you can get more details in the shadows. The bad news is that program Sony RAW converter with the bear. When Adobe released with the support of this camera in the following month.
Sony copied the cycle of review of the Canon front, which is a great thing. It is a not a click stop this gun is. Click on electronics, which has done nothing for me. They can be extinguished. Using the exposure compensation ring, lack of feel a click is negative. Using the manual focus ring, is a plus. Call a draw. This is a manual focus feature that has me excited. In simple terms, focus manual on another point of pocket and shoots marginal at best. Putting the emphasis that Sony has included culminated with the front, appropriate and precise manual focus control ring.
Certain modes of additional shots of Sony is very useful. This causes a twilight hand, HDR in camera and sweep panorama feature that I learned that the NEX - 5n. There are many other options, that someone would be like. They are those that I love. Images at ISO 100-200 is great and good up to 800. In addition, the quality of the image decreases rapidly. With my Canon S95, there is not much difference in the JPEG quality. The RAW files of shooting a little later worked on PHotoshop, I would say there is a good stop to stop and has a half of RX - 100 advantage I mention that the lens is very good?
A value of $650, is the camera? This is a difficult question. Cameras Sony NEX more capable sale for $50 more and less. As light and compact as the NEX cameras, they do not match in my pocket. These cameras will incorporate even in your pocket, if you don't mind to the collapse of your shirt. It is ideal for the jacket or pants pocket. While the camera has manual controls that Nice does not offer the same flexibility as NEX or micro 4/3 DSLR, camera, and still less that you can win in the same price range. If you want to be serious about photography, I recommend to one of them instead of RX - 100. Panasonic has announced that the lens has incredibly LX7 quickly, which should make it easier for low-light photos. Yet again, if I am especially photos online, I would consider cheaper alternatives but still very good for Sony. Sony DSC-RX100 20.2 MP

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